How To Become A Recruitment Expert Authority…And Avoid Becoming Obscure!

By February 15, 2019Recruitment


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Here’s a quick summary of this article so you can decide whether the in-depth content is right for you…

I’m going to explain step-by-step how you can build or further enhance your status as a ‘Recruitment Expert Authority’, so that your ideal clients and candidates SEEK YOU out to work with rather than you have to go chase them.

You will learn….

  • WHAT is ‘Recruitment Expert Authority’ and WHY it is critical for your recruitment business RIGHT NOW.
  • WHERE you have to start building so that your ideal clients and candidates can easily find & follow you, be lead by you and ultimately work with you.
  • HOW to start building your own ‘Recruitment Expert Authority’ EMPIRE in your specialist niche in just 10 steps!
  • WHY being seen as ‘THE’ Recruitment Expert Authority in your niche will result in you getting paid much higher placement fees, and help you win MORE exclusive and retained search assignments.  


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The #1 challenge that you face right now in your recruitment business is..


There I said it! It’s out there.

I’m sorry if you’re feeling a bit fragile today..

But you know it’s 100% TRUE!

Your clients and candidates get to choose. We all do.

Sadly, sometimes they DON’T always choose you!

They are continuously bombarded with ‘work with me’ messages from competing recruitment firms trying to prise them away from you to work with them.

It doesn’t seem to matter that you’ve been recruiting hard in your market niche for years and those other firms have just started and are nowhere as professionaL, thorough and skilled as you…

…it very sadly counts for diddly-squat these days!

Another shiny new competitor comes sashaying along..

Flashes a little leg (heavily discounted fee)..

And wham bam, your clients and candidates are off..

Like the children of Hamelin following the Pied Piper..

Without even a thank you or kiss goodbye! 🙁

But let’s move on..

WHY do these clients drop you and choose these cheap imposters?

It’s because they see you..

And the imposters..

And the recruitment services you both offer..

As a commodity.

What do I mean by that?

Well, commodities are bought and sold based on price and with little regard for the value added by the provider of that commodity.

It’s very hard to charge a premium price in a commodity market.

Oil is a commodity.

Coffee is a commodity.

You SHOULD NOT be a commodity!


Before we get too downhearted..

Pack up shop..

To go work as an internal recruiter..

For some high paying massive corporate monster




I have some GOOD NEWS for you.

It REALLY doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are a recruitment business owner or independent specialist recruiter selling professional recruitment services..

I want to reveal the secret sauce that’s enabled me to position myself as a globally recognised ‘Recruitment Expert Authority’..

….that is responsible for building the multi-million dollar online information marketing businesses you see everywhere right now (think Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, Scott Oldford and many more…)….

….and if they are smart, is what your leading competitors are probably doing right now that’s probably enabling them to be one step ahead of you all the time.

The strategy I am referring to is not new, and does not go by one name.

Google any of the people above and you will see everybody has their particular take on what works and have been doing it for quite some time.  I accidentally stumbled on this winning strategy in the summer of 2014.

Since then, it’s been refined, tested, honed, and has become something much more powerful for my own business than I ever thought possible 5 years ago.

Because when you properly implement this strategy into your specialist recruitment business..

You will immediately begin to unlock your whole profit potential.

Imagine a day not far from today..

Where you are only talking to prospective clients and candidates who are already so sold on you, your company and your branded message..

That they’re actually starstruck to even be speaking to you.

Imagine that day when you will never have to educate prospective clients on why they should choose you and your recruitment services over any competitor ever again.

And imagine the moment where you simply name your placement fee..

And watch your prospective clients fall over themselves to rapidly sign up for your RETAINED (or exclusive) recruitment services for fear of missing out on working with you!

When you start to position yourself as an recruitment expert authority..

You will get paid higher placement fees.

Clients and candidates in your niche will seek you out.

And want to spend time with you.

Because they respect and admire you.

They will read your expert content..

..and share your content with their networks.

They will ask and value your advice..

..and listen to your recommendations and endorsements..

..and will recommend and endorse you.

They will follow you..

..join you..

…and do what you ask them to do.

They will be led by you.

All of this really happens when you are a recruitment expert authority in your chosen niche or specialism.


The ‘old school’ way to build your status as an ‘expert’ was for you to write and publish an industry related book.

To work hard to get yourself loads of (unpaid) speaking gigs at industry conferences and events.

Be committed to consistently creating a shedload of brand new content for years and years…

Or spend 100’s of thousands of cash on brand advertising and marketing

…and none of this came with any guarantee that it would work. 

It could take years of effort and hard work before anyone started to see you as any kind of authority or expert.

But with using this strategy which I call ‘Authority Amplification’..

It doesn’t take you decades of grinding away…

..for you to start commanding the respect of your target client and candidate audience.

Instead, it can take as little as 90 days for prospective clients and candidates to start looking at you as a ‘celebrity’ recruitment expert authority in your specialist niche.

Authority Amplification is where you show up in someone’s world so consistently, that they feel like you are literally everywhere they go!

Every time they go online..

..they see you.


The more they see you, the more they begin to know, like and trust you.

When your audience sees messages from you every single day, you go ahead and activate a powerful psychological force called the “Mere-Exposure Effect

this is a phenomena that’s been studied since as early as 1876!

Simply put, people start to develop a preference for someone or something that they are more familiar with.

When you become ‘omnipresent’ in your niche, you unleash the power of this powerful force.

You’re literally “hacking” human psychology and winning your prospective clients and candidates attention.

Simply put, those recruiters who direct and control attention the best, win!

This is the exact reason that major corporations like Apple, Amazon, Google, Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony, McDonalds, etc spend massive amounts of money on product placement advertising that just show you their product.

They’re trying to “hack” your attention and activate that “Mere Exposure Effect” to sell their products.

Up until now, being marketing omnipresence has been reserved only for huge companies with huge budgets big enough to splash out on TV, radio, billboard, events, sponsorships and other random forms of advertising.

Now, with modern day online marketing at your fingertips…

You can activate omnipresence in your growing recruitment business without needing the million-dollar budget of a giant staffing company like Manpower, Adecco, Randstad, Hays or Kelly Services.

You and your recruitment business become “a big fish in a small pond”.

Instead of trying to compete in the overcrowded very noisy marketplace..

And going up against the recruitment behemoths..

An omnipresent strategy like ‘Authority Amplification’ gives you the ability to be seen as a big name to ONLY the people who you want to work with and that are the MOST Relevant to you.

By becoming a “big fish in a small pond” you easily eliminate your competitors…

And you become the only expert recruitment authority in their world..

Simply because you’re the one who always shows up for them.

This doesn’t mean being everything and everywhere to everyone in the world..

But only to those prospective clients and candidates in your specialist recruitment niche who are the ideal fit for what you do.

That could be a small audience of 200 clients or a larger niche of 20,000 candidates.

It’s important that you only focus your time and resources on the clients and candidates you can best help.

When you capture the attention of these prospects, who are most likely to work with you, they begin to look up to you and see you as an authority.

You go from being the best kept secret in your industry… being seen as the biggest name in your recruitment niche.

And you unlock your superpower so that you can charge the perfect price for your recruitment services.

But…all of this requires that you ARE actually RELEVANT to a small group of people.

To truly become the authority, you must show up to the exact right person, at the exact right time, who has the exact problem you solve…

And when you do, you become the true authority.


[Note: Download your free ’10-Step Authority Amplification Plan’ by clicking here


Moving on.

How do you reach the right people?

You probably understand by now that this ‘Authority Amplification’ strategy is something to do with creating and giving away relevant, trust-building, value-giving content..

Aimed at your ideal clients and candidates..

And consistently and frequently putting that content in front of your audience via online platforms and social channels..

So that you remain in their minds eye UNTIL they are ready to CHOOSE to work with you.


If you’re anything like me, you might have a LinkedIn profile page, personal Facebook, a Twitter account..

Maybe even a neglected YouTube channel..

An email sign-up box on your website..

And some other social channels here and there scattered across the internet.

You’re also probably getting worried about how on earth are you supposed to be creating all the content this strategy sounds like it requires. 

How on earth can any one normal person juggle all these different channels at the same time, whilst running a busy recruitment business or desk,  without spending 80+ hours a week just creating, posting and organising content???

Don’t worry.

The “Authority Amplification” strategy is a little gift from me to you that will help save your sanity.

So, are you interested in learning what it is yet?

What is Authority Amplification?

Authority Amplification has two main parts:

One – it’s a way of building and releasing content that is cyclical.

There is a very easy formula you can follow for releasing content that’s repetitive and simple.

And two – your content is presented in such a way that it is easily shareable.

Content that is easy for people to digest and easy for them to share gets shared frequently, and this is how your stuff goes viral!


But what does that really mean?

When you practice Authority Amplification, your life gets simple and your reach within your niche area continues to grow.

All you have to do is stick to the formula.


This is about as easy as it gets.

It ties in to all your social networks and your email list.

Let’s get stuck in.

It all starts with ONE SINGLE PIECE of content..

And squeezing as much life out of it as you possibly can.

The Magic Formula for Maximum Reach

The key to all of this is that it starts with just..






Yes, literally, one.

My LazyBoy Guide To Getting Content knocked out FAST!

Here’s an example of what I might do..

I almost always start with a video. I walk into my studio once a week, stand in front of the camera, and simply ‘talk’ on one specific topic that my audience is interested in.

No script. No notes. No cuts or retakes.

Just simple, unfiltered communication about my topic of choice. I do this for between 5 to 15 minutes.

Here’s the fun part:

I take that video, edit it, and I post it on YouTube.

I then upload it to Facebook.

I then get it transcribed and include it as a written blog post on my website.

That blog post gets automatically emailed out to people on my email list. 

I take the audio from that video and bam, there’s my podcast.

I then try to find at least 1-3 good things I may have said from that video and make quote cards for Twitter and Instagram. (see the examples I’ve used within the first part of this blog post)

SO easy!

I love this approach because it not only makes it stupid simple to organise your content sharing schedule..

But it takes all the pressure off of you to keep making new content for each channel.

Another thing: it’s super easy and inexpensive to find people who will reliably make some of these pieces for you.

Let’s build a Magic Formula for a Recruiter specialising in placing tax accountants

A recruiter shoots a video of herself talking about the latest tax legislation to affect her niche.

It’s simple, filmed using her iphone right at her desk.

Perhaps even simpler – it’s filmed in the most photogenic spot in her house.

Or in her car or outside (if not too noisy). Using daylight.

She takes a quick photo or a 15 second story video clip and immediately posts it to Instagram.

She posts the full video to YouTube.

She posts that video to her Facebook fan page.

She uses the audio from that video and posts it to iTunes.

She gets the audio transcribed from that video and adds that to her blog (and includes the video). She could even write up a little more info on the subject if she wants to – why she cares passionately about the subject, what clients and candidates have already told her about it. 

That blog post gets automatically emailed to her mailing list.

She picks out the best thing she said and creates a Twitter card, tweets about it.

She takes that same image and pins it on Pinterest.

Bonus points if she includes that card in her blog post and pins it directly from her own blog!

The basic idea is to see how many different ways you can use one single piece of content. You want to get as much mileage out of that one piece of content as you possibly can.

It’s about starting, it’s about becoming more confident the more you do it…

And most importantly it’s about being consistent.

Whether it’s weekly or monthly, you must be consistent.

Then when you see one piece is really working…

Time to scale up..

Back your winners..

And start to grow your client and candidate audiences VIRALLY!!!

Maybe start just with LinkedIn if that’s where the majority of your prospective clients and candidates already hang out.

Master that one platform by committing to it, but then move onto others.

Remember the more places you can post where any prospective clients and candidates can find you the better.

If they find you on one platform but then get prompted to consume you in other formats on other platforms you start to get some of that viralocity going!


[Note: Download your free ’10-Step Authority Amplification Plan’ by clicking here


Authority Amplification Marketing is important not only because you need to be seen everywhere by the right people..

But because the more you are seen the more you are trusted by those exact same people.

Working in recruitment means you are selling and marketing your staffing business as a professional service.

When you market your professional service it’s very different from someone marketing a product or a widget.

There is a completely different level of trust required to be able to sell your services..

Because they aren’t just trusting a product. They are trusting a human being – YOU!

While Omnipresent Marketing may not be a new concept in general..

It is to most recruiters.

So few recruitment businesses these days are doing any form of omnipresent marketing.

A lot of SME recruitment businesses or self-employed independent recruiters are afraid of being seen to be too pushy or overbearing.

Omnipresent Marketing, when done right, works perfectly without you upsetting anybody..

Because your clients and your candidate database want to see what you’re putting out there!

One of the biggest things clients and candidates look for when choosing a recruiter to work with is trust.

When potential clients and candidate leads can consistently see you online and they see you positively engage with other present, past, or potential clients or candidates.. helps builds that vital trust with them.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago..

..the second best time is right now!

So how can you get going now?

Set a goal for yourself.

Something like:

Goal: I’m going to create one new, fresh piece of good content every week / fortnight / month.

This could be a video of yourself talking about your recruitment niche.

If you are camera shy, this could be one long, in-depth blog post about your specialist area.

Just pick one thing that you know you can do well and create consistently.

We want to simplify your life, so pick something that doesn’t give your major panic attacks about committing to.

But remember..

It must be something totally relevant and of value to your ideal client or candidate.

Once you have that piece of main content, make lots of pieces of micro content and post it to as many platforms and social channels as you can. 

Use a tool such as MeetEdgar to schedule and automatically post the content for you, throughout the week or month. 

Once done, move onto to your next piece of content. 

Remember – be consistent! 

To make it easy for you I’ve created a 10-step plan for you to follow which you can download here. 

Want quicker results?

Get access to my online programme that will take you through the whole strategy step-by-step and provide you with loads of templates, resources and h0w-to videos. 

Right now you can take advantage of an early-bird price that comes with some live online implementation sessions with me too! 

Check it out by clicking here



If you’ve got any questions or comments about this article, feel free to ask me directly in my Facebook group which you can get access to by clicking here. 

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