How To Set Goals For Recruiters

By December 16, 2016Recruitment

An Exact Step-By-Step Process To Set Goals For Your Recruiters

Goals are the most powerful management and training tools that we have as recruiters.

Unfortunately most recruitment business owners misuse them so much they become totally ineffective.

We often wait until the second or third month to set goals for our new (rookie) recruiter…

…we call him or her into our office, ask them how much they want to earn this year.

The new recruiter says “£50k” and we then tell them they need to invoice £150k this year and in order to do that they need to generate 20 send outs (1st interviews) a month…

…the rookie recruiter says “I can do that”.

We send them back to their desk and then check in one week later.

She only got one Send Out.

We tell her that she’s way off and she needs to make at least 5 interviews a week to reach her monthly goal...

...she says “I know, I’ll try harder next week and make up the deficit”.

We check in again one week later and this time she has no send outs.

Your rookie convinces you she will work harder the following week and keeps missing the goal.

We keep sending her back to her desk and she keeps missing the target – INSANE!

Here Is My Exact Process For How You Should  Set Goals

  • A new recruiter should attempt 75 calls per day. This can be any combination of recruiting and marketing calls.
  • They should complete (or connect with) 25 calls and spend at least 4 hours per day on the phone.
  • For the first three months of their time with you the new recruiter should also have:
    • specific goals for gaining complete job orders (requirements)
    • sourcing and registering new candidates
    • presenting candidates to client companies
    • booking Send Outs (1st Interviews) with clients
  • By month three the rookie recruiter should be given a production goal (monthly revenue target). If your new recruit is achieving early activity goals, achieving the production goal will be relatively automatic and easy.
  • Getting new recruiters into daily habits of having to achieve high activity figures sets the tone and pace of their entire future career. Better to start with the bar set high and then lower later on if you have to.
  • If your new recruiter fails to achieve his or her goals there are only four possible reasons;
    • the goal is too high
    • the recruitment training is not good enough
    • the recruiter is incapable of meeting the goal
    • the recruiter is unwilling to meet the goal
  • If the goal is too high, lower it. If the training is not good enough, improve it. If the recruiter is incapable or unwilling, FIRE THEM! (or send them to work for your biggest competitor)

Never Permit New Recruiters To Negotiate Goals – YOU SET THEM!

The key to meeting goals on a yearly basis is to meet them on a monthly, weekly and daily basis first.

When goals are first set for a rookie recruiter they should be relatively easy to achieve – number of phone calls attempted per day.  By the second week the recruiter has to have a more difficult goal to hit – one Send Out.

The recruitment manager or mentor has to ensure that the rookie achieves this goal (even if they have to ‘help’ to make it happen.

By the end of the first month, the rookie recruiter will be so conditioned to meeting goals that he sets and meets his own goals on a daily basis.

In order to make this happen a manager must help set and monitor the new recruiter’s goals EVERY day for the first two months of their career.

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