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About Recruiters Live Lounge

Welcome to the Recruiters Live Lounge video podcast, hosted by Roy Ripper where we get to meet and learn from today’s most inspiring and successful leaders in recruitment. We share their journey; the failures, ‘eureka’ moments and current successes so recruiters around the world can absorb their lessons learned, see their path to success, emulate their victories and avoid their catastrophes. The late Jim Rohn said that ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend most time with’. Recruiters Live Lounge is a place where recruiters get to hangout together with the most successful and luminary people in our global industry.

Featured Episodes

Recruiters Live Lounge is a 'video podcast' where we film the interview as well as record the audio for a typical podcast format. Some featured episodes are available for you to view below but either check the blog page for more videos (search under the tag 'Recruiters Live Lounge') or check out iTunes for the full list of episodes available for you to download.

Roy talks to Jack Parsons, CEO of Big Youth Group

Roy talks to David Spencer-Percival, Co-Chairmain at Spencer Ogden

Roy talks to Toby Babb, CEO at Harrington Starr

Roy talks to Russell Clements, former CEO at SThree

Roy talks to Tony Goodwin, Founder & Chairman at Antal

Roy talks to Angela Middleton, Founder of Middleton Murray

Roy talks to Darren Ryemill, Founder at Opus Talent Solutions

Roy talks to Lee McQueen, CEO at Raw Talent Academy

Roy talks to Karinna Shields, Co-Founder at Concur Recruitment

Roy talks to Dan McQuire, Founder at Cube19

Roy talks to Doug Bugie, President at Next Wave Global

Roy talks to Tim Watts, Lifetime President of the Pertemps Network

All Episodes on iTunes

Below are links to all the Recruiters Live Lounge episode posts currently available on iTunes for you to download.

#44 Karinna Shields of Concur Engineering talks to Roy Ripper about getting into the right mindset for success.

#43 Abigail Brown of talks to Roy Ripper about doing a quality job for your clients.

#42 Steven Convery of Concur Engineering talks to Roy Ripper about being the best you can be.

#41 Tony Chapman of LinuxRecruit shares his incredible recruitment journey

#40: Liz Longman chats to Roy Ripper about being true to yourself in recruitment

#39: Amit Somaiya encourages us to enjoy the journey, not just the destination

#38 Ben Scobie-Trumper talks about working in the golden age of recruitment

#37 Kai Murray tells you how to invest in your future

#36 Toby Thwaites likes to keep ahead of the curve

#35 James Blackwell believes self-education will make you a fortune

#34 Toby Babb on being the hardest worker in the room

#33 Christine Tautari shares the highs and lows of starting again

#32 Daniel Mundy shares his insights into inspirational leadership

#31 Wendy McDougall continues to make waves

#30: Abigail Stevens chats about changing peoples' lives

#29 Glyn Blaize lights up the recruitment galaxy

#28: Andrew Hairs tells us why its important to take time to think

#27: Gareth Biggerstaff discusses the importance of integrity and honour

#26: Chris Young talks big plans for a young business

#25: Jack Parsons talks about grabbing every opportunity

#24: Darren Ryemill has infectious enthusiasm for success

#23: Nikki Taylor talks about the importance of self development

#22: David Spencer-Percival tells us that we need to be responsive to change in order to succeed

#21: David Gittoes talks about creating sustained success

#20: Lee McQueen leads by example

#19: Nick Johnston reveals how he went from good to great

#18: Angela Middleton believes resilience always shines through

#17: Gary Dytor is living the dream

#16: Bob Kelly believes staying focused is the key

#15: Tim Watts talks about constant reinvention

#14: Dawn Milman-Hurst tells us that anything is possible!

#13: Russell Clements reveals his sliding doors moment into recruitment

#12: Daniel Faulkner believes your options are limitless

#11: Natalie Ellis says "do work you're proud of"

#10: Tony Goodwin admits he has made more mistakes than most people.

#9: David Lawrence reveals the path to success is to take massive determined action!

#8: Alex Raubitschek advises us to take the risk if we believe in ourselves

#7: Ann Swain says YOU have to be a control freak!

#6: Johnny Walker tells us why it's OK to ask others for help

#5: Kevin Green raises the bar

#4: Doug Bugie advises that you don’t let others’ voices drown out your inner voice

#3: Alice Weightman talks about the importance of passion, energy and drive

#2: Dan McGuire discusses how adversity and failure can offer you your biggest opportunity

#1: What is Recruiters Live Lounge - Introduction with Roy Ripper