Recruitment SX4 – My 4-step ‘Big Biller’ Goal Setting Formula for Recruiters – Part 3 of 3

By May 7, 2017Recruitment

How I became the highest billing recruiter in all the recruitment businesses I worked in

Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to breed even more success?

Motivated people tend to become even more motivated?

And that passionate people tend to get more excited?

In part one of this three part series we explored why SMART GOALS don’t work for many recruitment entreprenuers. In part two of the goal setting series, we talked about the POWER of setting yourself 90 DAY GOALS over the disappointment of consistent failure to achieve your annual goals.

In this final part of the series I am going to lift the curtain on my own personal ‘secret sauce’ goal setting formula.

This is the EXACT process that I personally used to become the highest billing recruiter in all of the recruitment businesses I worked in as well as run all of my subsequent businesses since I first developed it.

I have never shared this secret process outside of my own private coaching clients until now

…today I want to share it with you.

It starts with you creating a map showing where your recruitment business is today and to where you want it to ultimately be when you have finished working on it.

You need to gain massive clarity about how your recruitment business started, where it is right now, and where you want it to go so that you can create lasting change.

Everyone has some part of their recruitment business they want to improve — “gaps” that exist between where it is now and where you want or need it to be.

It is never too late for you to make positive changes and to attain the recruitment business of your dreams.

RECRUITMENT SX4™ is the most powerful easy to implement 4 stage process I know to create the momentum and plan for your recruitment business.

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SO          =             Stated Outcomes

SPI         =             Strategic Performance Indicators

S/P        =             Steps/Process

SI            =             START IMMEDIATELY


Stage One – Stated Outcomes

What are the results you are looking to ultimately achieve?

Outcome goals tell you where you are trying to get. They are an end point.

Outcome goals should be something very tangible, e.g. a specific revenue or activity number.

STATED Outcomes hard wire your brain to say that YOU WILL achieve them. They DO NOT EVER include the word, TRY!

Your Stated Outcomes should be

  • Specific,
  • Immediately Impacting,
  • Tangible
  • Measurable
  • …and they MUST excite you!!!

Restrict yourself to setting goals/outcomes that you can achieve within 90 days. This constraint will give you massive wins throughout your year and motivate you to set further 90 day goals as you succeed.

An example of a ‘Stated Outcome’ could be ‘I want more clients’, or ‘I want to recruit more staff to grow my recruitment agency this year ’, or I want to be recognised as the #1 recruiter within my niche area or city.

Stage Two – Strategic Performance Indicators

This is where you will choose the core strategies you’ll use to hit your ‘Outcome’. After you’ve chosen your strategies, then you determine the ‘Performance Indicator’ you want to hit in the next two weeks.

This is often the biggest reason most of us fail to deliver on goals we have set ourselves in the past. STRATEGY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS and the next stage, STEPS / PROCESS  is where you start winning.

This is the phase to establish some specific numbers.

Improvement + Measurement = Inevitability

Aim for 2 week goals to maximise your momentum.


I will call 10 clients before 10am EVERY DAY until (insert date 2 weeks from now).

Identify at least 3 Strategic Performance Indicators for every one outcome goal that you set for yourself. 

Stage Three – Steps / Process

This is where you identify the specific tasks/steps to achieve your ‘STRATEGIC PERFORMANCE INDICATOR’. You have to ask yourself (and or your team)

  • Who’s doing it?
  • What are they doing?
  • When are they doing it?
  • Where is it happening?

By asking and answering these questions you will get laser focused clarity & generate massive momentum.

These are things that you can go ahead and schedule in your diary or planner.

Example: EVERY Monday I will create an excel spreadsheet of all the clients and their contact details that I plan to call that week.


At 11am each day I will update my excel spreadsheet and put my results up on the office whiteboard/internal CRM

Stage Four – Start Immediately!

You must be willing to take immediate ACTION towards achieving your goals. This I believe is the real power behind successful goal setting and achievement.

Most of us have said ourselves or heard other people say at some point in their lives things like “I’m going to start going to the gym next week” or “diet starts properly tomorrow” or “next quarter I want to hit my higher commission threshold”.

The biggest gift you can give yourself TODAY/RIGHT NOW is to use the three steps I have outlined above to identify and state your outcome, set strategic performance indicators, identify the steps and process to get you achieving them and then TAKING THE FIRST STEP RIGHT NOW/TODAY.

Do not put off till tomorrow something that you can start doing immediately today. This one step on its own is so powerful and like a rolling stone will help you get terrific traction and massive momentum on achieving your 90 Day Goal.

No excuses – DO IT NOW! Or do it never! 


Stated Outcomes– desired results

Strategic Performance Indicators – strategies and measurements

Steps/Process – tasks/process (who, what, where and when are these getting done?)

START IMMEDIATELY! (write 1st step in your schedule and DO!)

Have fun with your goal setting, share this post with your colleagues and please leave a comment with the story of your success. I love to hear about success!

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