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Roy Ripper is the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book ‘Recruitment Blueprint’, founder of ‘Recruitment MasterMinds’ and recognised as one of the most charismatic and widely-followed trainers in the worldwide recruitment industry. For more than 25 years Roy’s passion has been helping recruiters take their careers and businesses to another level by inspiring personal & business growth, success and achievement. He’s been fortunate to work with some of the largest and most successful businesses in the industry, but holds a special affinity with small business owners and continues to focus on transforming the careers and businesses of recruiters worldwide through his books, podcasts, DVDs, online training products, live events and personal coaching. Learn more here.

"Roy Ripper is quite simply the best and most consistent trainer that the recruitment industry has."

Jon Smith, Director of Pertemps Network Ltd & Network Ventures Ltd


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Build the recruitment business you deserve.

What’s the difference between the most successful recruitment business owners and the ordinary ones? What do those people think, say and do in their own businesses that gives them consistent success and high profitability? And specifically what is it that YOU have to do in order to give yourself the clarity, confidence and courage to finally bust through and achieve the levels of success that you want for your own business? If you want energy, excitement and engagement with your recruitment business then click here to receive my free video series and I'll tell you why most recruitment business owners fail and what you have to do to ensure that you WIN!


Group Coaching & 1-2-1 Mentoring


Advanced strategy and 1-2-1 coaching sessions to transform your recruitment business.

Roy works on a 1-2-1 basis, inspiring personal and business growth, with a small number of owners and directors who are committed to doing what it takes to accelerate their business to the next level. Roy's coaching programmes aim to provide you with focus, direction and accountability, along with growth and profit strategies, so that you can transform your recruitment business and start realising the vision you had when you first started your company.




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Recruitment Blueprint


Control the Deal and Make More Placements!

Roy’s #1 best-selling Amazon Kindle book takes you through a comprehensive, step by step system that shows you how to easily control candidates and clients throughout the complete recruitment process and provides practical strategies to help you close more recruitment deals and deliver successful placements every time. Recruitment Blueprint offers you a comprehensive strategic plan, ensuring that you place more candidates into more jobs, generate more revenues for your recruitment company, and earn more commission for yourself! The book also comes with 14x free templates, scripts, forms and checklists that you can download and immediately start using in your recruitment business.


Three interview superstar selection sequence


Start building your team of superstars today!

When recruiting your own team of talent, how beneficial would you find it to be able to immediately determine who will succeed and who will fail before you offer them the job, not after you have spent a whole lot of time, effort and money training them and paying them for mediocrity? You can do this each and every time you hire by using my ‘Three Interview Superstar Selection Sequence’ to recruit only the most talented recruiters for your business and start building your team of superstars today. You’ll also discover how to pre-close, sell your opportunity, conduct a ‘research work test’ and use your existing staff to recruit for you.


The First Four Weeks as a New Recruiter Programme


Including a specific plan for the first six days as a new recruiter

Roy wrote this highly-applauded eBook to help recruitment business owners overcome one of their biggest challenges – training their new recruiters to quickly and consistently produce revenue for them. This eBook provides you with an exact breakdown of how to structure your rookie recruiters first four weeks with you, including a specific programme for their first six days, and even a suggestion for what you should get your rookie doing before they even start with you! The programme will show you what results you should expect them to achieve, the 3 keys to successful recruiter training and the five things a recruiter needs to know most.


90 of the Best Interview questions every recruiter should ask


Including focused questions and probes

This 6-page eBook provides recruiters with a list of 90 of the best interview questions you can ask, so that you can make sure the interview template you currently use is the best it can be and not missing any essential elements. Roy is not suggesting all 90 should be asked in one interview! Simply select the ones you feel work best for you and your business and then add them to your existing list. This eBook also offers detail on different types of questions such as ‘focused questions’ – designed to uncover particular competencies – and ‘probes’ – questions which invite the interviewee to say more.


The 39 Must-Read Books to Ignite You and Your Recruitment Business


Essential Reading for Recruitment Leaders

Great leaders love learning and reading great books is one of the best ways to learn. Roy has created this 16-page eBook with his recommended reading list for recruitment business leaders so that you can be inspired by new ideas, gain momentum with new knowledge and take action with new strategies. The list starts with his ultimate top ten, but after that there is in no particular order, so there’s no best place to start, just pick one, buy it and read it! The eBook includes links to both US and UK Amazon websites to make it super easy to purchase the books that you think could inspire you, and change the way you do things and see the world!


3 Key StrategiesSimple infographic reveals 25 separate profit-building ideas to implement in your recruitment business today

Learn Roy's 3 Key Strategies for Increasing Profits